Tuesday, March 29, 2011

When God Moves

I love that we have a God that is so close to us that we can feel him move. Whether its a huge break through or something small but reassuring. We have a God that moves. He moves here in America and he moves overseas. In homes that are broken, in homes that are whole, in churches that are overflowing and in one on ones in coffee shops. When God moves there is always a mark that is left. Sometimes he changes lives, communities, or countries, and sometimes he changes an individual heart. Where ever he moves he leaves an impression.
I believe in this God that moves. That is why my family and I have stopped the lives we knew to relentlessly pursue and serve this God that moves. We want to be a part of the lives he is touching, at home, overseas, at McDonalds, the grocery store, and our backyard. We want to be on call 24-7.
We're starting off here in YWAM Los Angeles, serving on the base and in local ministries. In a few weeks we'll spend a short time in Mexico, and then we'll be pouring into the lives of teens and college age students as they participate in short discipleship schools this summer. We want to see God move in the lives around us. We want to see people discover who they are, who God is, and who they are in Christ, and then equip them to go into the nations and into their communities and impact the world with what they have learned. This is what we are devoted to. This is what we are called to, Discipling, loving, and spreading the word and love of God.
If you want to be a part of what we are doing. If you want to partner with us please contact us. We are never too busy to talk to you! We want to know that we have people standing with us in prayer and in support. We would love to share more with you about what our family is doing, and how you can be involved.


Robert, Jenny, and Lily Barber
Youth With A Mission Los Angeles
11141 Osborne St. Lakeview Terrace, Ca 91342
(559) 760-5160

Monday, January 17, 2011

Thailand Update

Hello Friends!
I cannot believe that we have been in Thailand for over a month! It has been quite an experience. God has been so faithful to our family. I have been sick very little, and Robert and Lily have had amazing health. Thank you all so much for the prayers! We have been so blessed to have you all behind us as we serve God and the people of Thailand for this time.
We spent our first few weeks in Chiang Mai working with the @peace Smoothie shop and the university student ministry. We also spent time doing program for children in a local orphanage and local schools, and doing prayer walks through Buddhist temples. Robert has been sharing his testimony, and speaking on God’s love and relationship with Jesus. It is very apparent that God has called him to speak, and he has been developing and using him in that! I have been leading worship, and building relationships with the Thai people! Lily has been hard at work too… looking cute and getting big! People here absolutely love her. She has been opening doors to relationships and conversations everywhere we go.
We are currently working and living in Chiang Mai. We will be here for a total of three weeks. We are working with a ministry called TLC Center. They offer English classes for university students. We have been teaching classes and putting together programs to minister and build relationships with the university students. It has been great! Last weekend we did a children’s program for the National Thai Children’s Day at a community center and had a great turn out! The biggest part of ministry here in Thailand is building relationships. Buddhists believe that there is no God, and that to spend time thinking about the existence of one is a waste. The most effective way to do mission’s here is to build relationship and trust, and to let God shine through us. So you can be praying for us and the relationships we are building!
We will be doing a program for our students soon, called Quest. In it we will be presenting the gospel and answering questions about God and our faith. The students are all being presented with an invitation to the program, so pray that God places a burning curiosity within them! Pray that he speaks through us, and that these university students have a real encounter with Jesus!
Our team has been given the opportunity to minister in the red light district here in Chiang Mai. There are pretty intense statistics for adult and child prostitution here. As a family we are praying for God to give us wisdom about our role in this ministry, and how to balance a family and ministry of this type. Please keep us in your prayers regarding this.
In a week and a half we will be headed for Ratchaburi for two weeks. There we will be working with an YWAM base and a church doing various ministries including street evangelism. We aren’t completely sure what all we will be doing, but we are very excited! Please continue to pray for our family for the remainder of our outreach, our trip home, and our adjustment back into American culture. We really appreciate you all. Please feel free to message us with any questions, or just drop us a note!
Robert, Jenny, and Lily Barber

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Our first two weeks in Thailand

Our first two weeks in Thailand have been great. We spent the first couple pf days in Bangkok in an orientation into Thai culture. We learned about Buddhism and also how to find food. We went on a temple tour to get an even better idea of the influence of Buddhism in Thailand. While on the bus on our way back to YWAM Bangkok, from the Temple tour, the bus was beeping. We did not think anything of it, then the bus stopped and the driver ran past us and out the door and down into the Jungle. We were really confused, and then about two minutes later he returned with bottles full of river water that he then dumped on the overheating engine of the bus. That was when we realized that we were not in America anymore. We had to stop several more times for water for the bus but these times not were quite as funny. We did make it back alive and with a great story so we are grateful for that. We then got on another bus this time for 12 hours and traveled to Chiang Rai thailand. Chiang Rai is 40 minutes from the border of Burma. We are just down the street from Mae Fa Luang university and are spending most of our time working with a local university student ministry. We went camping in the Jungle and also put on a Christmas party for the university students. A young lady here gave her life to Christ at the Christmas party which completely made the whole trip. Yesterday we worked at Home of the Open Heart. This is an orphanage for children affected by AIDS. These kids were amazing and they loved to play. We played soccer and tag with them for 2 hours. We are having a great time here in Thailand and are making an impact for Christ. Please continue to pray for us that we will be bold, and for the health of our family and team.

P.S Lily is a hit. She has a ministry of her own here.

Much Love,
The Barber's

Friday, December 3, 2010

Tuition is payed.

Tuition is completely payed. All together God provided a total that exceeds $14,500 after all of our expenses. Thank you everyone that has been with us and supported us financially and in prayer.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

18 days and counting to Thailand

Hey everyone sorry it has been so long since we have written time really gets away from you when you are learning so much so fast. Ok so in this time God has really been laying a foundation in both of our lives for leadership. We are not certain what aspect of leadership he is pointing us towards but we ae becoming more aware of what is next. He is stirring our hearts for discipleship and developing young adults into the people God has created them to be. As for Thailand yes we are about to leave. We leave on Monday December the 6 and will be gone for 60 days. In that time we will travel between northern Thailand and southern and will be doing different things throughout. We will be working in orphanages and also with universitry students. We will also be working with Burmese refugees. Please pray for us and our team as we travel. Pray for team unity and also for health and safety. Also please pray for open doors with the Thai as they are predominantly Buddhist. If you are interested in supporting us we do still need to raise about $800 and you can donate online at: http://sendthebarberstoywam.chipin.com/missions-to-thailand. Thank you so much for your prayers and support.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hello Friends!
Just an sending you all an update! We have been in Montana for a few weeks. It has been awesome. We are learning so much about the character and grace of God. We have been growing so much.
We are also getting ready for our outreach. We will be leaving for Thailand in early December and doing several different ministeries there. No plans have been set in stone yet, but we will most likely be working with students, refugees, and in orphanages.
We were informed a couple days ago that of the $4000 we still owe, we need to have $2000 by the 18th of this month. We know that is less than two weeks, but we have no doubt that God is bigger than money, and can make it happen. both the staff and our family really feel that God has called us to Thailand, and are so excited to serve his people there. We ask that you would keep us in your prayers, and consider supporting us financially. It has been a huge step of faith for us to drop everything, and follow God's call for our family to do missions, but we fully believe that he wants to use our family in this ministy, and has big plans that we are excited to be apart of.
If you are interested in supporting our family, there are a few ways you can do so, I will list them below. We really would like you to pray about this and ask how God would have you partner with us in our ministry. If it is throuh prayer, we are very thankful, and would love to get in touch with you and tell you how you can be praying for our family.
Ways to give:
1. You can send money directly into our missions account online, ad completely free, by visiting: http://sendthebarberstoywam.chipin.com/missions-to-thailand

2. Send check payable to "YWAM" at:
Robert and Jenny Barber (DTS)
501 Blacktail Rd.
Lakeside, MT 59922

3. Send check through our church in Redding with the account #503 in the memo at:
The Stirring
1348 Market St. #201
Redding, Ca 96001

4. Give checks with a note attactched to Rick Lowrey or Sue Davis at Sierra Pines Church.

We thank you all for your prayers and support!
Robert, Jenny, and Lily Barber